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Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business

Cyber Security

We proactively ensure that threats are mitigated as they come up, keeping your entire system secure (on all devices, home or abroad). With our 6 layers of protection, we keep your vital data secure online, no matter what.

Helpdesk and support

Our support team is available to pick up your call and offer expert help immediately. We attempt to resolve the issue right on the call (without any tickets) because most of the time, we are already working to handle the situation before you call.

Data backup and recovery

Without a rock-solid backup system, what’s your assurance that some unforeseen storm won’t take you out of business? We avoid sour surprises and ensure that your backup is fail proof, securely storing your data across multiple geographical locations, as well as on the cloud.

Cloud and remote work solutions

We make your transition to the cloud seamless, and operations on the cloud even more amazing. You no longer need to get to the office to use certain software, no matter your industry. You can work from anywhere, on any device, with absolute security and efficiency.

Proactive maintenance

You can go about your business knowing that expert eyes are on your entire IT infrastructure. If there’s ever an issue, we are the first to know and our response is instant.

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360° IT Management & Support

Complete Care IT

Around-the-clock monitoring and regular maintenance to detect and resolve issues.
Responsive remote support via phone or email.
On-site support from technicians who resolve issues the first time around.
Enhanced Cybersecurity tools and monitoring.
Proactive Standards Alignment

Co-Managed IT

Support your ln-house IT department​
Enhanced Cybersecurity tools and monitoring​
Proactive Standards Alignment​
Around-the-clock monitoring and regular maintenance to detect and resolve issues.
Responsive remote support via phone or email.

Cloud Solutions

Eliminate the cost and hassle of purchasing/maintaining in-house equipment.​
Utilize industry-leading technology for the most efficient and reliable access​.
Maintain standards and best practices for a highly secure environment​.
100% All-Canadian Data centres​.
Access work files from anywhere on any device
Microsoft 365​

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